The Tim Bowen Page


Clare has a brother named Tim. You’ve probably seen him on Youtube or on any of Clare’s social media because like many of us who have siblings, we love our siblings.. even if they drive us bananas. I’ve spoken to him on Facebook a couple of times, he seems like a really nice guy. Even from his photos he just looks like that guy who is fun to hang around and is just so full of life. I mean just look at the guy; we definitely need more people like him in the world to make people smile. Oh and on top of being a nice and fun looking guy he’s crazy talented. Have you heard his music? tim3 Again, check out his Youtube or his Soundcloud page.

The guy is ridiculously talented. If you haven’t heard Mangoes, go listen to it now because it’s probably my favorite song of his. So this is where you are at.. you just realized Clare has a super talented, good looking, and most likely ball of fun brother and now you’re intrigued ladies.. sorry to disappoint, according to his Facebook post, he’s happily taken and we wish him the best and are kicking ourselves for not discovering Tim Bowen years earlier. 😉

Last week Tim posted on Facebook about his devastating news: he was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer – Primary Mediastinal B Cell lymphoma. I’ve never met Tim but the news made me very sad. I lost my dad last summer to lymphoma cancer and a battle with cancer is one no one should have to endure. If you’ve read his Facebook post he seems positive and his spirits are high. I applaud you Tim for being a warrior and I hope this battle is one that leaves you with minimal scars and a stronger, wiser, and better version of yourself.. that you show cancer how bad you can kick its ass and how much support you have from a world full of strangers.

So here are a list of ways I came up with to support Tim.

01. Tell Tim you support him. Send him your prayers, hopes, wishes, vibes, etc. I am sure it’ll be nice to hear that in an internal war you have a hell of an army at your side.

02. Donate time or money to a charity or foundation in honor of his current on-going battle. Here are a few I have found online but any will work: Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma & Related Blood Disorders. (Australia)
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society: Fighting blood cancers. (USA) Donate blood. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night® Walk funds research to find cures and ensure access to treatments for all blood cancer patients. Charles Esten (Deacon on Nashville) is an honorary chair.

03. Show him you care. Follow him online and say hello! FacebookTwitterInstagramSoundCloud.
P.S. If you don’t know Tim and you’re a fan of Clare. Follow him. I am sure if you follow his pages, listened to his music, and looked at that face, you won’t regret it!

04. The Mango Movement. #MangoMovement Eat a mango. I’m serious. Okay, so this may not actually help him with his battle but I’m sure if you sent him a photo of you eating a mango or said you were eating a mango in his name it would bring a smile to his face. And happiness and smiles go a long way. Can you imagine if the sales of mangoes just went up suddenly because of Tim. I’m sure that would make him smile. (Tips on cutting a mango)

05. Buy his music. Hey, it had to said. He’s a musician. Buy his music on itunes.

This page is not meant to be upsetting and I hope my light humor is not offensive in any way. It is my intention that this page be full of wishes, prayers, luck, hopes, and bathed and clothed in positive vibes all directed towards Tim as he takes on this battle and next journey in his life. That this page can be another place he can visit and see further support and bring a smile on his face.

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