Frequently Asked Questions

Any fanart featured on this site were exclusively donated. They are for viewing pleasure use only.

If you have any questions for me they might be answered here but if not feel free to contact me.

“Ahhh! I just had to tell you how big of a fan I am of your’s Clare. I’ve love you on Nashville!! Can I please have your autograph?”
I am NOT Clare Bowen. I don’t know Clare. I don’t know anyone related to her or associated with her or anything so I won’t reply to these e-mails. Again, I am NOT Clare. I am simply just a fan like yourself and this is simply a fansite.

“Have you ever met Clare? Does she know about this site?”
I have never met Clare. Maybe one day! I have mentioned the site to her on Twitter. I am not sure if she knows about this website but I hope if she does that she only thinks good things about it as we try to be respectable and consider this site a hub for Clare fans. I was lucky enough to meet Clare in the spring of 2016. It was a great day. She was so kind and humble and it’s a memory I’ll never forget.

“Can I take your pictures for my site?”
Sure. A link back would be nice though. 🙂

“Can I use your graphics on my Clare site?”
What do you mean? If you mean can you take my layout graphics or other graphics I’ve made for other sections of this site the answer is.. No! Stealing graphics is a horrible thing to do to anyone. People work hard on their graphics. If you mean can you use one of my buttons or banners to link back to me the answer is.. YES!! hehe.

“Ummm.. who are you? Who is Miss Faith?”
I am Miss Faith.. well, that is my web name. My friends call me Jay (girl Jay). I love webdesign and have been designing for years.

“What programs did you use to make all the graphics at CBW? Will you design my website for me?”
I use various programs for my graphics from Paint Shop Pro to Photoshop.

“Can I link your site?”
Sure! Please do! hehe. Grab a button and link back to:

“Will you link or plug my site? Will you be my affiliate?”
I don’t really plug sites but I do have affiliates. If you would like to be affiliates with me you need to have a quality fansite.

“I want to help out with the site! Can I be a staff member?”
I work really hard on this site. If you would like to help out that would be great. I am always looking for donations. As for being a staff member.. I have to get to know you. Donate things. Talk to me. Then we can talk. =)

“I have a suggestion for the site. How do I get in contact with you?”
If you have any suggestion you can contact me with them.

“I have a donation for the site. How do I get in contact with you?”
If you have any donations please contact me and you shall be credited.