2012 BMI Awards – Video & Caps

I added a video interview of Clare at the 2012 BMI Awards to the video archive. You can watch it below and see caps here.

• 126 x Red Carpet Caps: 2012 BMI Awards

Nashville Episode 4 Screencaps

I added 360 screencaps of Clare as Scarlett from last night’s episode of Nashville. What a great episode that was. I loved the Scarlett/Deacon scene, super sweet. I also updated the Nashville Episode Guide with information of future episodes!

• 360 x Nashville 104: We Live in Two Different Worlds – Screencaps

New Appearances & Nashville Photos

• 011 x 2012 BMI Awards
• 003 x 2012 Pre CMA Awards Conference
• 016 x Behind the Scenes: 10/20/12
• 002 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos

CMA Pre Event Interview Videos & Caps

I added a couple videos of Clare from yesterday. She was at a preshow conference for the CMA Awards that will be airing tomorrow. Enjoy.

2012: 10/30 Boosterzz Interview
& [ Screencaps ]
2012: 10/30 Q-Morning Interview
& [ Screencaps ]

And also..
WTAE Interview & [ Screencaps ]

Random New Photos

I added a handful of new photos of Clare. Nothing new to report on the news front, she’s just working away on Nashville. Enjoy.

• 001 x 10/27/12 – Clare at the Pumpkin Festival in Nashville
• 003 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos

Clare Bowen Web is Celebrity Site of the Day!

How exciting! This site, Clare Bowen Web, was selected as the honorary Celebrity Site of the Day! yay! That means a lot to me, thanks guys! 🙂

Audio: Aussie Actress Clare Bowen talks “Nashville”

Clare did a short interview on Mix 94.9 FM radio station yesterday. Listen to it below.

Nashville Episode 3 Screencaps

I added 469 screencaps of Clare as Scarlett from last night’s episode of Nashville. What a great episode that was. I loved all the Scarlett/Gunnar/Avery scenes personally as their trio interests me most.

• 469 x Nashville 103: Someday You’ll Call My Name – Screencaps

Nashville Episode 3 Lyrics

Alrighty, I added the lyrics to Fade To You and I Will Fall to our Nashville lyrics archive. Working on the caps now.

Fun Fact: Fade Into You is at #7 in the iTunes country charts less than 24 hours after airing!

Vote For Nashville: What show are you watching tonight?!

Spoiler TV is doing a poll on What TV Show are you watching tonight? VOTE NASHVILLE!

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