New Content: Fashion!

I’ve added a new fashion page on the site where you can find exact or similar replica’s from Clare and Scarlett’s style. It’s not a big selection at the moment but hopefully it will grow. Please feel free to share your own findings with us as well.


Photos: Nashville, Photoshoots, Candids, and more.

Hey guys. I’ve added a ton of new photos to the gallery including screencaps from this week’s Nashville. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

• 316 x Nashville Episode 10 – Screencaps
• 003 x Nashville Episode 2 – Stills HQ replacements and new
• 001 x Nashville Promotional Images: Cast replacements
• 006 x Nashville Promotional Images: Solo replacements and new
• 001 x Nashville Promotional Images: Official Site
• 002 x Nashville 110: I’m Sorry For You My Friend – Stills new additions
• 002 x Nashville Behind the Scenes: Episode 110
• 005 x 2013 Sirius Radio XMFM Studios
• 001 x 2013 ABC News Radio (01-17-13): Stills
• 018 x 2013 Clare leaving Good Morning America (01-14-13)
• 005 x Photo Session #18
• 001 x Photo Session #17
• 010 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos
• 003 x Live Performance: 01/12/13 – The Grand Ole Opry (Stills)

Photos/Videos: Clare on The View

Clare was on The View yesterday. She was awesome as always and her voice was just beautiful and angelic. Check out the interview and performance below as well as screencaps. I am working on Nashville screencaps and those will be up later today.



• 505 x 2013: The View (01/16/13) Screencaps

Photos/Video: Clare on Good Morning America and more

Clare was on Good Morning America yesterday. Check out the video below as well as screencaps and other new photos. Enjoy. Also, the lyrics page featuring lyrics from Clare’s Nashville songs, is now up to date.

• 082 x 2013: 01/14 Good Morning America Interview Screencaps
• 003 x 2013: 01/07 Sirius Radio Interview (Stills)
• 008 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos
• 001 x Suspended: Stills
• 001 x Nashvile Cast Promotional Stillsreplacement

Photos: Promos, Scans, Twitter, and More

I added a bunch of photos to the site for your viewing pleasure including new Nashville promos, stills, and more.

• 002 x Live Performance: 01/10/13 – Phuketts Open Mic Performance (Stills)
• 010 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos
• 001 x Examiner
• 001 x Elle – Thanks to Mette!
• 001 x Photo Session #15 – Thanks to Mette!
• 005 x Nashville 109: Becareful of the Stones that you Throw – Stills
• 004 x Nashville 110: I’m Sorry For You My Friend – Stills
• 002 x Nashville Promotional Images: Cast
• 002 x Nashville Promotional Images: Solo

Nashville Episode 9 Screencaps

How amazing was last night’s episode?! It was great and Clare’s version of Twist of Barbed Wire was epic. I don’t know about you but I had to buy it instantly. If you want to buy it on itunes you can buy it with that link. I added screencaps from this week’s episode.

• 454 x Nashville 109: Becareful of the Stones that you Throw – Screencaps

Happy Holidays and 2013 News about CBW!

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. Offline life has been hectic especially with the holidays. New updates to the site will not be added to the site until January 1, 2013. Hey, us webmasters need a break too! hehe. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. Thanks for visiting and for being such awesome and loyal fans to Clare and the site. 🙂

Is there something you want to see more of on the site? Now is the time to speak up and let me hear it! I will be updating a lot of the old content and the gallery with old missing images. If you have anything you would like to donate: scans, appearances, photoshoots, candids, or even fanart, animations, or icons of any kind, please share them with us!

New Site Content: Fan Encounters

Clare has some really awesome fans who shared with me their fan encounters. The response was overwhelming and I thought I would put a new area on the site for fans to share their fan encounters and read the stories of others! You can read fan encounters and share your own here! I’ve also added a new “Kodak Moment” to the side.

Gallery Update

Hey guys, I’ve added a bunch of missing old and new photos to the gallery. Enjoy!

• 002 x Promotional Images: Music of Nashville
• 001 x Promotional Images: Nashville Official Site
• 001 x Nashville 107: Lovesick Blues – Stills
• 001 x Nashville 103: Someday You’ll Call My Name – Stills
• 003 x 2012 ABC Country Music Festival/Party
• 001 x 2012 Nashville Series Premiere (Nashville, TN)
• 014 x Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Photos

Article: “Nashville Stars Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio Share Stories”

CMT: What do you remember about the first time you sang together?

Palladio: We were at the Hutton Hotel here in Nashville. We’d just met that morning for the first time. … Buddy Miller turned up, as he does. He’s obviously an incredible singer and producer. He took us up to one of the hotel rooms while sort of gritting his teeth. And we were doing the same because the audition process hadn’t involved singing together. They’d just thrown us in the deep end. Buddy started playing the riff of “If I Didn’t Know Better,” and Clare started singing and sounded incredible. I thought, “Oh, my God, I’ve got to up my game because she sounds great!”

Bowen: But then he started singing, and it sounded beautiful. We looked each other and started thinking, “OK, it’s working.” … A grin spread across Buddy’s face, and he said, “Well, that was all right.” (laughs)

Palladio: I hadn’t been used to harmony singing. I’d been doing bits of it in my group back home, but I hadn’t really sung a duet with a female voice before. So we were very lucky that somehow the timbres in our voices worked really well together.

What do you think of now when you hear the word “Nashville”?

Bowen: Home. (laughs) And a dream come true.

Palladio: Yeah, it’s now going to have a huge significance in my life, I think, when somebody mentions the town in the future. It’s where dreams are being made for songwriters and certainly [represents] a huge jump in my career.

Bowen: It’s changed our lives.

Palladio: Yeah, it has.

[ Read the entire article here ]


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