Nashville Cast Live Tweeting Tonight!!

Tonight is a new episode of Nashville and the Nashville cast will be live tweeting during the episode tonight 10:00-11:00 p.m., ET/PT. Chat with them using the hashtag #asknashville. On the bottom of this post is a list of the cast members who will be live tweeting tonight and their twitter usernames.

You must have a twitter account to participate. It’s free and easy. I suggest if you do not have one, that you set one up at least an hour prior to the show starting.

Not too familiar with Twitter? Here’s an example of a tweet you would send to Clare on Twitter:

“@clarembee What has been your favorite scene to film on the show? #asknashville”

Make sure you include “#asknashville” somewhere in your tweet and that you direct your question to one of the cast members using their twitter name.

Clare BowenScarlett O’Connor : @clarembee
Sam PalladioGunnar Scott : @SamPalladio
Jonathan JacksonAvery Barkley : @JonathanJackson
Hayden PanettiereJuliette Barnes : @haydenpanettier
Lennon & Maisy StellaMaddie & Daphne Conrad : @lennonandmaisy
Robert WisdomColeman Carlisle : @RobertRayWisdom
Eric CloseTeddy Conrad : @EricRClose
Judith HoagTandy Wyatt : @heyjude629

Video: Clare and Sam perform on The View

The cast of Nashville were on The View today. I found a video of Clare and Sam’s performance. I will have screencaps and such hopefully tomorrow. Enjoy.

To watch other snippets from the cast on The View click here.

Press: Jonathan Jackson (Avery) talks Scarlett

Nashville’s Jonathan Jackson: “I Don’t Know if Avery’s Going to Be Able to Redeem Himself”
Check out some snippets from the article concerning Scarlett.

“I thought that was a really great visual scene,” Jackson says of Avery looking through the window at a private party for which he wasn’t on the list. “Avery right now, he’s slowly coming to terms with what he’s given up and what he’s lost in order to advance himself, and that’s a very lonely realization. That’s what that moment was about, was just peering through the window and just remembering how much he loves Scarlett. And I really do think that he genuinely loved her in a very deep way. … He’s just kind of getting to that point where he’s looking around and reeling from this sense of, I’m advancing in my career and yet what I feel about my music is being compromised. I’ve lost the woman that I love. What is the point of all of this?”

And he doesn’t even know Scarlett and Gunnar slept together, which, “on some level would definitely crush him,” according to Jackson.

So which side is going to prevail? Jackson correctly points out that Avery has demonstrated “moments of unselfishness” in his relationship with Scarlett — namely, when he rejected his new manager’s initial advances and when he (grudgingly) supported Scarlett when she decided to record music. “Even in the midst of his own ego being bruised and having this horrible unwanted jealousy and envy towards the woman that he loves because she’s all of a sudden skyrocketing, getting all these opportunities that he’s been working so hard for over the last few years, still in that moment, he chose to be unselfish and said, ‘I want to be there for you,'” Jackson notes. “And that was part of the tragedy of their relationship, was that he really tried to do the right thing and it still imploded.”

What do you think? Will Avery turn things around and redeem himself? And is it too late for him to win Scarlett back?

Source/Read Entire Article: TV Guide

TV Alert: Nashville Cast on The View 3/27

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 – The music and superstars of ABC’s “Nashville” are showcased. Featured appearances from co-stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere and musical performances from Charles Esten, Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio and Jonathan Jackson. Jewel is the guest co-host.

Set your DVR’s!

Photos/Video: Gala Event, Live Performance, and More

I added a couple new photo session photos of Clare as well as new photos of her with some of the Nashville cast supporting T-Bone Burnett and the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center. This was a benefit gala for this organization. Clare performed with Elvis Costello at this event. Here’s a video someone took at the event of Clare singing with Elvis “The Scarlet Tide.”

• 017 x Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Gala – Red Carpet/Event
• 014 x Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Gala – Live Performance
• 001 x Photo Session #19
• 001 x Photo Session #20
• 003 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos

Photos/Videos: 2013 PaleyFest and Nashville

Hey guys, I’ve finally gotten the gallery completely up to date adding nearly 1,000 new photos to the gallery. I capped the most recent Nashville as well as all of Clare’s recent interviews on the red carpet at PaleyFest. Check them all out below.

• 256 x Nashville 114: Dear Brother – Screencaps
• 524 x 2013 Paleyfest (Panel)- Screencaps
• 058 x Interview with TV Watch TowerScreencaps | Watch Video
• 100 x Interview with Pop SugarScreencaps | Watch Video
• 035 x Interview with Clevver NewsScreencaps | Watch Video
• 009 x Clare caught leaving PaleyFest by Paparazzi – Screencaps | Watch Video

Videos/Photo: Big Media Update!

Hey guys, I’ve updated the gallery with over 200 missing recent photos of Clare minus screencaps from the most recent episode and from the Paleyfest panel. I will add those soon. In the meantime check out all the wonderful new additions as well as video of Clare and the Nashville cast at Paleyfest.


• 171 x 2013 Paleyfest – Nashville
• 005 x 2013 Country Music Hall of Fame Benefit
• 001 x Photo Session #15
• 003 x Live Performance: 02/27/13 – The Grand Ole Opry (Stills)
• 002 x Behind the Scenes: Nashville Episode 114
• 007 x Nashville 114: Dear Brother – Stills
• 002 x Nashville 112: I’ve Been Down That Road Before – Stills
• 027 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos

Nashville Episode 13 Screencaps

I added photos of episode 13 of Nashville to the gallery. I will be adding images from episode 14 tomorrow as well as a bunch of random and recent Clare photos. I have also updated the Nashville Episode Guide.

• 144 x Nashville: Episode 13 – Screencaps

Nashville Episode 12 Screencaps

I added screencaps from this past week’s episode of Nashville. Enjoy.

• 426 x Nashville: Episode 12 – Screencaps

Photos: Nashville Lifestyles Scans and much more!

Clare is on the new cover of Nashville Lifestyles. She looks absolutely glamorous. I’ve added scans as well as behind the scene photos, Nashville photos, and more. Enjoy!

Scarlett O’Connor is one of those characters on television that you can’t help but cheer on. The budding star on ABC’s Nashville is a poet-turned-songwriter with porcelain beauty and some serious pipes. On a show that features two larger-than-life female leads (played by Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere), Scarlett’s storyline of heartbreak and triumph is refreshing. And behind that likable everywoman is the quiet presence of 23-year-old actress Clare Bowen.

As she sits curled up on a weathered chair inside the Peter Nappi studio, it’s hard to tell where Clare Bowen the actress ends and Scarlett O’Connor begins. Long blonde ringlets, a second-hand dress. Even when she reveals a pronounced Australian accent, Scarlett’s drawl peeks through. “I got handed this script and I saw who wrote it and read the thing and just said, please can I just read for Scarlett? I don’t want to go in for anyone else, I loved it so much,” she recalls about her audition.

Both Bowen and her character share a love of storytelling and singing but there’s also the storyline. Scarlett is thrust into the spotlight almost by accident, thanks to a fellow musician. Bowen, meanwhile, attributes her current success to that same fate-driven momentum plus the guidance of several key people. And just like Scarlett, Bowen is on the fast track to breaking her own musical career. – Source: Nashville Lifestyles & Kristin Barlowe

• 006 x 2013: Nashville Lifestyles: Scans
• 017 x 2013: Nashville Lifestyles: Photoshoot
• 057 x 2013: Nashville Lifestyles: Screencaps
• 001 x Nashville 112: I’ve Been Down That Road Before – Stills
• 001 x Live Performance: 01/26/13 – The Station Inn (Stills)
• 001 x Spring Awakening – Stills
• 001 x Fan Photos: Stephen C.
• 001 x Live Performance: 01/12/13 – The Grand Ole Opry (Stills)LQ to HQ

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