Nashville: Scarlett & Gunnar Love Story

When the show Nashville first premiered Scarlett was in a serious relationship with musician Avery Barkley and Gunnar was merely a new acquaintance at work. After moving to Nashville to support Avery and his musician dreams, Scarlett got a job waitressing at The Blue Bird Cafe (with a good word from famous her Uncle Deacon). It was working at The Blue Bird that Scarlett met Gunnar, an aspiring musician who worked the sound system at the cafe. The two quickly begin chatting and Gunnar pushes her to add music (courtesy of him) to her lovely poems. The first song they perform together “If I Didn’t Know Better” was a poem written by Scarlett about Avery during one of their breakups in the past. Their performance catches the eye of music guru Watty White who discovered Rayna James.

Although Gunnar knows that Scarlett is in a committed relationship with Avery he can’t help but feel a pull to the southern beauty. Quickly the two begin writing and get a publishing deal causing them to spend more time together further increasing Gunnar’s feelings. Scarlett, oblivious to Gunnar’s feelings and the chemistry between them, is still completely in love with Avery, but frustrated by his lack of support in her new musical dreams.

Soon after getting the publishing contract, Gunnar catches the attention of Hailey who works for the publishing company. She notices the chemistry between Gunnar and Scarlett but he assures her that nothing is going on as Scarlett has a boyfriend. Hailey and Gunnar begin to date and a hint of jealous appears in Scarlett. At this time, Avery is getting extra attention from Meredith Lavender, a woman known for getting young male artists signed. This tests Scarlett’s relationship with Avery and not before long the two are broken up and Gunnar is by her side helping her cope which strains his relationship with Hailey and ultimately ends it.

Once Avery gets signed he moves to Atlanta leaving Scarlett in the rental alone. Unable to pay the rent and bills all on her own, she offers Gunnar the spare room. The two become roomates and this only gets them closet. When Gunnar’s brother Jason is murdered Scarlett comforts Gunnar and the two cement their relationship. They quickly become serious and although Scarlett tries her best to help Gunnar heal from his recent drama, she is not successful. Gunnar’s life spirals out of control and Scarlett is the only thing standing still. She tries to get him to put his emotions into writing music but he has no interest.

Scarlett’s career is blossoming and as much as she tries to make Gunnar a part of that he finds ways of pushing her way. Her career quickly picks off when she gets signed on to Rayna James new record label as a solo artist. When Rayna James decides to showcase her new solo artist, Scarlett, she does it in style in a massive venue: The Grand Ole Opry. Nervous and anxious, Scarlett awaits backstage for Gunnar to join her at her side and help calm her nerves but he never shows. Unbeknown to her, he is sitting in jail arrested for fighting at a bar; an event that opens his eyes to the mistakes he’s been making.

Scarlett bails him out after her performance and walks away from him stating that he needs to get his act together or she’s done. This puts things into perspective for Gunnar but he is not sure of how to make up everything he’s done to Scarlett. When Scarlett meets with ex-boyfriend Avery to thank him for his support on her big night she runs into Will who later tells Gunnar about his run-in. Jealous and confused, Gunnar realizes he needs to do something big before he loses Scarlett.

During the season one finale, Gunnar takes Scarlett out for a moonlight stroll and proposes to her. Completely shocked, Scarlett stares at the ring.. and her response is not aired.

To Be Continued.