Nashville: Scarlett & Avery Love Story

When the show Nashville first premiered Scarlett and Avery were already in a serious relationship with one another and not much was known about their past. As the first season progressed we learned tidbits about their past. Scarlett and Avery attended High School together but it is unknown if the High School was in Mississippi where Scarlett grew up on a farm. Avery is a musician who is trying to make in the music business and takes off to the city of Nashville in hopes of getting discovered. Scarlett, completely in love with Avery, packs up her life and follows in tow.

In the beginning of the season it seems as if Avery is more interested in making his career successful than worrying about his relationship with Scarlett. It’s not until Scarlett meets Gunnar Scott and the two begin to write and sing music together that Avery begins to get weary about their relationship. Avery and Gunnar do not get along from the beginning – probably because Avery can sense how Gunnar wants his leading lady.

When Avery is given extra attention by Meredith Lavender, a woman known for getting young male artists signed, his relationship with Scarlett is tested. When Meredith makes a romantic advance at Avery he hesitates but turns her down knowing that will end his career ties with Meredith. When Scarlett’s uncle, Deacon, discovers that Avery is working with Meredith he warns his niece about the woman’s lustful reputation with young musicians. Heated, Scarlett confronts Avery who does not deny the advances and Scarlett storms off ending their relationship and coming to terms that she is second in his life to music.

To get over Avery, Scarlett goes out with Gunnar and his then girlfriend, Hailey, and has a little too much to drink. She finds herself back at Avery’s place and is shocked to find a half-naked Meredith getting dressed. Avery pleas with her to forgive him emphasizing that nothing happened before and now that it did it happened when they were broken apart. Broken-hearted Scarlett leaves Avery behind and this time for good.

Although Avery and Scarlett don’t see each other much after the Meredith incident the tension between them is still there. Scarlett begins to write more songs in hopes to mend her broken heart as Avery gets signed to a music label and tries to make it in Atlanta with Meredith at his side. During this time Scarlett and Gunnar get close, causing the breakup of him and girlfriend Hailey, the opening doors for them to be together.

Things in Atlanta don’t work out for Avery who’s sound and image seem to be altering everyday to please music bigwigs. Unhappy, he heads back to Nashville to find that his name is black-listed at all the music venues and his once leading lady is now in the arms of Gunnar Scott. Scarlett is blossoming with Gunnar and her career is quickly taking off being signed on to Rayna James new record label. Avery, with the help of Deacon, finds work as a roadie for Juliette Barnes’ tour.

While on tour, Scarlett and Avery come face to face with one another after so much time apart. Avery briefly fills her in on his current status and congratulates her on her new found success. He is now humble and kind and speaks of his regrets with her. Scarlett is reminded of the boy she once knew long ago; the boy who won her heart.

When Rayna James decides to showcase her new solo artist, Scarlett, she does it in style in a massive venue: The Grand Ole Opry. Nervous and anxious, Scarlett awaits backstage for Gunnar to join her at her side and help calm her nerves. A surprise box arrives for Scarlett in her dressing room with a wisk inside. A gesture from Avery who once told her to practice singing to him with a wisk to help settle her nerves. A smile is placed on her face from the gesture and her nerves are calmed. On stage, she notices Avery instantly who is clapping and enjoying the show in full support of her.

Soon after her appearance at The Grand Ole Opry, Scarlett arranges to meet with Avery to thank him for his support on that big night. The two talk happily and Avery once again shows regret for the mistakes he made with their relationship. He invites her to see him perform at a local venue and she agrees to go. Scarlett attends Avery’s gig without Gunnar and is quickly spotted when she walks in. Swiftly, Avery gets on stage and invites Scarlett to sing with him a song he had written about her in the past. She smiles and joins him in stage where the two of them singing together is something new yet feels completely natural.

I believe there is more to this love story and only time will tell..