“Scarlett exists in a world of T. S. Eliot and Mark Twain—she loves literature.” – On her character, Scarlett

“I asked to come in for Scarlett just because I loved her so much. I thought she was a really beautiful creature.” – On her character, Scarlett

“Country music fans are the best fans.”

“I’ve never been anywhere like Bluebird. It’s got so much lovely history… The energy in there is something really special.”

“I DON’T really get the whole dumb blonde thing.”

“A year before I started school I was diagnosed with cancer, when I first got there I’d been on chemotherapy for a while… didn’t have the whole hair thing happening so well. I was approached on my first day by a bright little spark who eyed my cow-lick and informed me that I was wearing the wrong uniform, as boys didn’t wear dresses. I helpfully informed him that ‘actually, my mum’s got a book on the coffee table at home with black and white pictures of lots of boys wearing dresses.’ It got around. Mum never wanted to be on the parent teacher committee anyway.”

“I was only teased as much as everyone else was, and generally fitted right in, even if they did think I was a boy – boys played simple but wonderful games like Ninja Turtles and Handball, so I stuck with them. Girls tended to group together, whisper and giggle a lot. Myself and the rest of the boys decided that they were far too confusing to be bothered with.”

“I was minding my friend’s two little dogs in a beautiful place in Studio City and they have absolutely no mobile reception in their house except in this one spot, on a table, in a little corner of the house. So, I left my phone there so that I could get the call if it came through. I was sitting on the floor with my phone plugged in, trying to get aerial, with two dogs trying to lick my face, with a terrible headache, and my agents rang and they told me I was moving to Nashville… If somebody had of taken a photograph, it would have been really funny, but here was no one else there. It was just me and these two little rescued dogs.” – On hearing she got the role of Scarlett

“I’ve just sort of let go and [I’m] quite fond of the phrase, ‘Anything’s possible,’ because it is and it has been.”

“It never really stops though, when you love something, you are tethered. You just can’t let it go.”

“She is phenomenal. She’s the one who told me to go to L.A. And it worked. I was very lucky to be able to work with her. It was scary but pretty cool.” – On working with Cate Blanchett

“My job is basically to make people happy.”

Dad to seven year old Clare: “There is a DUCK in my good hat… it appears to be wearing a small sling. I’m going to make a sandwich, by the time I get back I expect a duck-free hat… why is there an echidna in the pantry?”