Facts & Trivia

• Maree is Clare’s middle name.
• She is a Taurus. (May 19)
• She was diagnosed with a rare cancer (late stage Nephroblastoma) when she was 4 until she was 7.
• Clare is a survivor of childhood cancer and has been an Australian Cancer Council Youth Ambassador since 2008.
• She writes music.
• She has a younger brother who is a classical musician, Timothy Bowen.
• She is from Australia.
• She can speak French.
• She is 5′ 2½ (1.59 m) in height.
• She has traveled all around Australia in her youth as her parents worked for Qantas Airlines.
• She likes Pearl Beach, Australia, and recommends everyone visit.
The Combination was her first feature film.
• She loves old music. (i.e. Dolly Parton)
• She loved the band Bluegrass.
• As a child she was afraid of automated cow milking suckers.
• If she could chat with 3 people they would be: Robin Williams, Dolly Parton and Meryl Streep – “to show me how it’s damn well done.”
• As a child she use to bring home stray/slow/injured animals.
• Has an Irish wolfhound named Faloo.
• Has an Australian sugar glider named Threepence.
• She has a pet goat in Australia that she could not bring to the US with her.

This or That?
Coffee or Tea?: Tea, peppermint.
For love or money?: What money?