Fan Encounters

Have you met Clare? Share your fan encounter and photos with us!

” Such a sweet Person! My wife and I had the privilege to buy her and her friends lunch today at BJ’s in Calhoun, Georgia.” – Eddie B. (Submitted 04/08/13)

“Totally just met Clare. She was so sweet and shook our hands and didn’t shoo us off like she didn’t have time. Love you and your voice. You made our day, Clare!” – Melanie C. (Submitted 03/31/13)

“Clare is amazing– beautiful, charming, and friendly! I was fortunate to be at the Opry the evening she and Sam (aka Gunnar) made their debut on the Opry stage. What a performance! Afterward I raced to Opry Originals to meet them, get their autograph, and have a photo made with them. I barely made it before they had to close the line so Clare and Sam could make it back to the Opry for the later show, but I’m so happy I did. I found her to be a very kind and genuine person. My birthday was the following week (on the same day as Sam she informed me) and it made meeting her extra special, as she made certain to wish me a “Happy Birthday” twice before I left the store that evening. I’m a huge fan of her acting and music– and now of her as a “real” person after meeting her. I love the accent also!” – Louis M. (Submitted 12/12/12)

“I was in the parking lot at the mall in Nashville she parked like two spaces away from my car we got r pic with her so cool. She is so nice and sweet!!!” – Kailey M. (Submitted 12/12/12)

“Hey guys! I live two hours from Nashville and here today my family ran into Clare in the mall parking lot! It was pretty epic! She is very sweet! She took the time to shake all our hands and ask for our names, she talked to my little 5 year old sister who was excited and my other little sister (9) asked her for her autograph in her ‘brave’ book lol so she was very happy when she did that. But yes she was VERY nice, pretty well changed my opinion of some celebrities.” – Kennedy M. (Submitted 12/09/12)

“This is one sweet young lady! She was shopping for Christmas Ornaments in Pier I about an hour ago with 2 friends. A wonderful older lady spoke to her and complimented her on her part in the TV Show Nashville. She was nice and gracious and replied with a “Thank you, I am enjoying your beautiful city and the warm friendly people who live here!” – Cammie R. (Submitted 12/03/12)