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Nashville Cast Live Tweeting Tonight!!

Tonight is a new episode of Nashville and the Nashville cast will be live tweeting during the episode tonight 10:00-11:00 p.m., ET/PT. Chat with them using the hashtag #asknashville. On the bottom of this post is a list of the cast members who will be live tweeting tonight and their twitter usernames.

You must have a twitter account to participate. It’s free and easy. I suggest if you do not have one, that you set one up at least an hour prior to the show starting.

Not too familiar with Twitter? Here’s an example of a tweet you would send to Clare on Twitter:

“@clarembee What has been your favorite scene to film on the show? #asknashville”

Make sure you include “#asknashville” somewhere in your tweet and that you direct your question to one of the cast members using their twitter name.

Clare BowenScarlett O’Connor : @clarembee
Sam PalladioGunnar Scott : @SamPalladio
Jonathan JacksonAvery Barkley : @JonathanJackson
Hayden PanettiereJuliette Barnes : @haydenpanettier
Lennon & Maisy StellaMaddie & Daphne Conrad : @lennonandmaisy
Robert WisdomColeman Carlisle : @RobertRayWisdom
Eric CloseTeddy Conrad : @EricRClose
Judith HoagTandy Wyatt : @heyjude629