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Support: Subject 14 – Clare’s New Sci Fi Movie – Let’s Help Make it Happen!

Clare has been promoting on twitter her new upcoming project, Subject 14. The thing is, the movie needs our help to be made!


Film Summary
Earth 2067: It’s a future Earth with no trees – relentless deforestation and uncontained nuclear spills into the ocean have caused a global oxygen crisis. SUBJECT 14 is more than just a movie: it’s a movie and an cross-media world – an open world where you, fans and lovers of science fiction are invited to participate. You can see the how the two worlds collide below and how you can be part of this “bigger world” experience.

In search of a solution, a time machine is built as humanity’s last hope. When a signal is received from 2474, Ethan Whyte is the first man who will travel in the machine. In these desperate times, a signal is received from 2474 – encoded is a message to send Ethan Whyte in a time machine that is built as humanity’s last hope for survival.

Who is contacting us from the future? Are there people still alive there? Forced into an unknowable new world Ethan fights to get a oxygen cure back to the woman he loves. What Ethan discovers is a vision of a future we’ve never imagined – a world beyond its decline.

Imagine an Earth that finds a new way to survive. Do we survive with it?

It sounds pretty neat. I would definitely watch it. I have personally pledged my support. They offer neat incentives for donating to the film. Check out the film’s pledge page for information and to pledge your support.