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Press/Video: Clare Interview on BUILD UK Series

Singer-songwriter and actress Clare Bowen was be LIVE on BUILD Series LDN, on 09/12/18, 11:30am. Clare Bowen talked about her new album and UK tour. Enjoy!

Video: Clare and Brandon Perform “All The Beds I’ve Made”

Press: A Musical Homecoming For Illawarra Star Clare Bowen

She grew up in the Illawarra but moved to Nashville to make her name in the TV series of the same name. Now Clare Bowen returns home to perform tunes from her new album.

Clare Bowen started working on her debut album more than five years ago – and it’s finally being released later this month.

The reason for the long wait is because a little TV show called Nashville got in the way.

In the US series, which just finished up after six seasons, the former South Coast resident played the role of Scarlett O’Connor – a poet and songwriter who started the show as a waitress and became half of a popular country music duo.

As well as filming the series, Bowen was one of the cast members who went on the road and performed music live on various Nashville tours.

She says it took up “a lot of mental bandwidth” being another person for more than five years, though she doesn’t feel a sense of resentment that the show got in the way of making her self-titled debut.

Rather, it gave her the time to work out just what she wanted to say.

“It took all that time because we were recording it and writing it between shoots and rehearsals and tours and all of the wonderful stuff that came with Nashville,” Bowen says.

“It gave me the time to find my own sound and my own voice. I found that through all the wonderful people I met in Nashville.”

Bowen spent some of her childhood on the South Coast and, while she now lives overseas with husband Brandon Robert Young, her family is still here on the coast.

“I grew up all over the place,” she says.

“Stanwell Park was one of the first beach towns we lived in. We also moved further down the coast and then back and forth from Sydney my whole life.

“Minnamurra’s where we landed. Honestly it’s felt the most like home. The South Coast is my home.”

She went to the University of Wollongong, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Arts in 2006.

She performed onstage in several Illawarra productions but got her first break in 2008 through actor David Field.

He’d spotted her a few years earlier when he was a guest lecturer at UOW and thought she had something. When it came time to cast his directorial debut The Combination, Field tracked her down and gave her the female lead.

Four years later, Bowen landed her big break – the role of Scarlett in Nashville. As a singer and an actor, it was the perfect show for her.

“It’s a dream come true,” she says.

“To be given that platform is such a massive privilege. To get to sing music every day and learn to play instruments, record albums and tour all over the world singing to people is just the greatest thing to get to do.”

She did learn to play both the banjo and piano for the show after she was cast as Scarlett (“they asked, ‘can you play an instrument?’ and I said ‘probably’.”)

But an inability to read music meant her teachers had to adopt an unusual approach to teaching her the songs.

“They would send me videos of their hands and I would copy what they were doing,” she says.

“That’s how I learned. It’s a party trick I have – I’ve always been able to learn something really quickly and then I forget it immediately afterwards.”

Nashville is done and dusted; the last episode aired in the States in July.

While it means she gets to direct her attention to her music for a while, Bowen admits the end of a steady job – and its steady pay cheque – is a little unnerving.

“It’s an interesting feeling. As an actor you live in the unknown and you never really know what’s going to come next.

“You learn to be excited about it rather than terrified by it,” she laughs.

Still, it’s not as though she’s had a lot of free time on her hands since filming wrapped up – she’s been so busy she says she hasn’t really had the time to feel sad about the end of the show.

The cast went on a performing tour of the UK and then she peeled off for a run of dates in Germany followed up by a support slot on a US tour with country duo Sugarland.

And now she and husband Young are heading to the UK for their own nine-date tour before heading to Australia for a five shows, with Wollongong the only non-capital city on the list.

She says it’s “kind of wild” that the experience of the Nashville TV series has ultimately led to her returning home to play her own songs.

While an interest in music came slightly ahead of acting, Bowen sees both as different forms of storytelling.

“Those things are so intertwined for me,” she says.

“I love telling stories and music is what happens when words aren’t enough.”

Bowen’s 11-track debut album comes with the flavour of Nashville (the city not the TV show). That’s an influence that came from a time long before she first became Scarlett O’Connor.

“I remember sitting at my granddad’s kitchen table when I was really little listening to Dolly Parton sing Coat of Many Colours,” she says.

“I’ve always loved Dolly, I’ve always loved Elvis and Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash.”

She was involved in writing most of the tracks on the album, one of which – a tune called Lullabye – was written when she first arrived in Nashville and still managed to make the final cut.

“A lot of songs don’t survive,” she says.

“You might eat them or you have these life experiences [later] that outweigh what you were thinking at the time but Lullabye stayed true.”

Bowen says the songs on the album “come right from the deepest part of me”. They may come with a part of her, but she’s hoping listeners might find a bit of themselves in amongst those 11 tracks.

Because that’s the nature of a song, it can grow and develop a different meaning for the listener.

“That’s part of being an artist,” Bowen says.

“You hope that people see their own stories in your stories. And music is something that brings people together so beautifully – it’s a universal language.

“It brings me no greater joy to hear people say ‘I hear my story in Warrior’ or maybe giving them words for something they didn’t really know how to voice before.

“One of the pluses of making music for me is because it is such a universal thing. It’s telling stories that move people but also reassuring people that they’re not alone.

“There are so many people out there wandering around with these life experiences and maybe they think they’re the only ones to go through that kind of thing.

“Through sharing music and sharing stories they find a network.”

While she did learn a few instruments for the TV series, Bowen says she limited herself to singing on the debut album.

“It was lot of fun learning all that stuff for the show but on the album I decided to leave the instrument-playing to the professionals,” she says.

“I really don’t think I should be playing the banjo in public.”

Press: Clare’s Debut Album Released in UK and Ireland

Clare surprised fans on twitter this this tweet:

My debut album is officially out TODAY in the UK & IRELAND!To all other regions across the world, I love you & am working hard to get it to you! So thrilled we get to share the record over the pond right before my 1st UK headline tour!

If you live in the UK or Ireland you can buy your audio CD here. There’s no news as to when the rest of us will be able to buy the cd. Also, if you live in the UK, Ireland, or Australia, be sure to go see her on tour! You can buy tickets now on her official website.

Press: Clare Announces 3rd Solo Tour in Australia

Clare announced on twitter that she will be having a solo tour in Australia for the third time! Pre-sale tickets go on sale tomorrow at 12:00PM local time, and you can also grab VIP Experience tickets which I highly recommend. So envious of you all. If you have never seen Clare live and live in Australia, I suggest going.

You can buy tickets on Clare’s Official Website to avoid any online and ticketing scams.

Check out the tour dates:

Astor Theatre
Perth, Australia

Wollongong Town Hall
Wollongong, Australia

Enmore Theatre
Sydney, Australia

The Tivoli
Brisbane, Australia

Athenaeum Theatre
Melbourne, Australia

Press/Video: New Nashville Video: Juliette Takes On the Cult, Deacon Has Daddy Issues

Nashville‘s Juliette seems to have awakened from her Movement for Coherent Philosophy-induced stupor! Praise Reba!

“The back half of Season 6 is really intense,” star Chris Carmack previews in a freshly released sneak peek at the remainder of the CMT drama’s final season. And the first footage from the series’ upcoming episodes backs him up.

Let’s start with Ms. Barnes, who apparently ditches her peasant dress, returns from Bolivia and immediately begins the work of dismantling Darius’ mind-control empire. “You control people by fear and intimidation,” she near-yells at him; at another point, Ju holds a press conference in front of the cult’s headquarters and promises to “pursue this as long as it takes.” (Feisty Juliette is SO much better than brainwashed Juliette, yes?)

Elsewhere in the video:
* Deacon goes off on his father, Gideon — played by St. Elsewhere vet Ronny Cox — while Maddie and Daphne look on in horror. (Mia Maestro, who, like Cox, will recur in the second half of the season, can be seen in some of Juliette’s scenes.)

* Gunnar watches Avery and Alannah canoodle… but they don’t know he can see them.

* Scarlett is called in to help when Sean, her veteran friend from the horse farm, holes up at his house with a gun.

* Brad sweet-talks Daphne, who’s a contestant in his televised country-music singing competition, but it’s pretty clear that he does so mainly to get under Deacon’s skin.

* Members of the Nashville cast — including Charles Esten and Hayden Panettiere — give their thoughts on episodes to come.

Nashville returns Thursday, June 7, at 9/8c. Press PLAY on the video above to get a taste of the lead-up to the July 26 series finale!

Music News: Clare’s Album Track List Released

Multiple online sources released this track list of her debut album. The track names seems to be:

01 Let It Rain
02 Doors & Corridors
03 Tide Rolls In
04 Aves’ song
05 All The Beds I’ve Made
06 Lullabye
07 Sweet William
08 Lijah & The Shadow
09 Little by Little
10 Grace of God & You
11 Warrior

I don’t want to ruin Clare’s album launch or anything so I won’t speculate or post on this any further until she does.

Press/Video: Nashville Cast Promises ‘Magic’-Filled Swan Song for CMT Series

It’s hard to believe, but Nashville is about to tune its guitar and step onstage for its final bow. In this exclusive video, the CMT drama’s cast prepares viewers for the lead-up to the series finale.

“There was magic in the very beginning,” Charles Esten says. “There’ll be magic in the end.”

Esten is joined in the clip by co-stars Hayden Panettiere, Claire Bowen, Sam Palladio, Jonathan Jackson, Chris Carmack and Lennon and Maisy Stella, all of whom speak about why they think the show has connected with viewers over the course of six seasons.

“They’re very human stories,” Panettiere says. “There’s been a lot of love there, and a lot of respect.”

Nashville returns with its final midseason premiere on Thursday, June 7, at 9/8c. Press PLAY on the video above to watch the Nashies wax nostalgic, then hit the comments: What’s the Number One thing you want to see play out on screen before Nashville strums its final chord?

Press: ‘Nashville’ Plots 29-Track DVD Release

“The cast of ‘Nashville’ have become tremendous ambassadors and representatives of a city that they now love. They carry with them the spirit of the city and its music,” said Steve Buchanan, President, Opry Entertainment, previously. “The 2018 UK Tour will be bittersweet for our cast of amazing actors, singers and songwriters as they share the stage together for one last farewell to the fans.”

The final eight episodes of Nashville will begin to air on Thursday, June 7, at 9 p.m. EST on CMT. Fans can get their hands on the DVD in late April.

1. Buckle Up – Charles Esten
2. What If I Was Willing – Chris Carmack
3. Spinning Revolver – Chris Carmack
4. Keep Asking Why – Jonathan Jackson
5. Love Rescue Me – Jonathan Jackson
6. I Will Fall – Sam Palladio
7. Headed For The Fire – Sam Palladio
8. Borrow My Heart – Sam Palladio / Clare Bowen / Jonathan Jackson
9. Longer – Clare Bowen / Brandon Robert Young
10. Little By Little – Clare Bowen
11. Hand To Hold – Charles Esten / Clare Bowen
12. Simple As That – Charles Esten
13. Stand Up – Chris Carmack / Clare Bowen / Brandon Robert Young / Sam Palladio
14. If It’s Love – Sam Palladio / Chris Carmack
15. Texas Flood – Chris Carmack
16. The Killing Moon – Jonathan Jackson
17. Unchained Melody – Jonathan Jackson
18. Hello Heartbreak Blues – Sam Palladio
19. Wake Me Up In Nashville – Sam Palladio
20. Fade Into You – Clare Bowen / Sam Palladio
21. Let It Rain – Clare Bowen
22. Black Roses – Clare Bowen
23. True Love Ways – Charles Esten
24. I Climb The Walls – Charles Esten
25. He Ain’t Me – Charles Esten
26. Heroes – Charles Esten / Clare Bowen / Sam Palladio / Chris Carmack / Jonathan Jackson
27. And Then We’re Gone – Charles Esten / Clare Bowen / Sam Palladio / Chris Carmack / Jonathan Jackson
28. A Life That’s Good – Charles Esten / Clare Bowen / Sam Palladio / Chris Carmack / Jonathan Jackson
29. A Life That’s Good (Reprise) – Charles Esten / Clare Bowen / Sam Palladio / Chris Carmack / Jonathan Jackson


Press/Video: ‘Nashville’ Gets Midseason Return & Series Finale Dates On CMT; New Characters Added

It won’t be long before the song is over. CMT today set a June 7 midseason return date for Nashville, which is in its final season. And the final curtain will fall on the countrified soap with a series finale set for July 26. Watch a promo for the beginning of the end below.

CMT cued up the sixth and last season of Nashville on January 4 and drew the series’ best L+3 numbers since its S5 midseason premiere in early June 2017. Now in its second season on CMT, which picked up the show a month after ABC canceled it suddenly in May 2016, Nashville follows country stars Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten) and the Highway 65 family as they strive to keep Rayna Jaymes’ dream alive and pursue their music while juggling relationships, family and the ever-changing industry.

Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack, Kaitlin Doubleday, Jonathan Jackson, Sam Palladio, Maisy Stella and Lennon Stella also star in the series produced by Lionsgate and Opry Entertainment. Connie Britton played Jaymes for the series’ first four-plus seasons.

The network also said today that two new recurring characters will debut during the remaining eight episodes. Ronny Cox (True Detective) will play Gideon, a crusty, frustrated, would-be musician and recently reformed lifelong alcoholic who resented his son Deacon’s success. Now he’s back to try to heal a long-broken relationship with him. Mia Maestro is Rosa, a dedicated follower of Darius’ (Josh Stamberg) Movement who now is having doubts about her role in it.

Cox is repped by APA and Levine Management; Maestro is with ICM Partners and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

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