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Photos: Appearances, Photo Sessions, Magazine Scans, and more.

I’ve added over 100 photos of Clare to the gallery that were missing. I’ve also replaced many of the appearances photos that were of medium or low quality to high quality. There are some gorgeous photos, so I recommend you check them out. I will be working on redoing the live performance page in the gallery and adding all her recent performances. Once that is completed, aside from a couple small things, the gallery should be completely up to date. Phew! Once the gallery is up to date I will be revising the site’s content pages.

Here are some quick links (of the ones I recall) to the updated categories:
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Photos: Bust Magazine Scans

Photos: Bust Magazine Scans

I’ve added scans of Clare from Bust Magazine where she was featured a while back. I finally was able to buy my copy. Enjoy.

Bust Magazine

Photos: Cowgirl Magazine Scans

Photos: Cowgirl Magazine Scans

Happy belated holidays to all! I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the year. I’ll be getting the site’s content up to date on Nashville‘s downtime.

Clare is on the cover of Cowgirl magazine. You can grab your copy in your local stores if they normally carry the magazine or purchase it online here.

Cowgirl Magazine

Photo Gallery Update

I’ve added a handful of new photos to the gallery from Clare’s recent performances, fan photos, and magazine scans. Enjoy.

• 001 x The Hollywood Reporter – thanks to Victoria!
• 005 x Live Performance: 06/15/13 – The Grand Ole Opry (Stills)
• 005 x Live Performance: 06/08/13 – 3rd and Lindsley (Stills)
• 001 x Dead Man’s Burden: Poster Art
• 001 x Fan Photos: Robin C.

Gallery Update + Nashville News

Since Nashville has been repeats there hasn’t been much going on with Clare. Officially, Nashville has not been picked up for season two yet. Keep your fingers crossed. Clare posted on Twitter yesterday that she had just wrapped up filming her last scene for the season. Remember, this week an all new Nashville will be airing.

I took this time to update the gallery with missing photos and replacing smaller photos for larger ones since not much else was going on with Clare. Reminder: Please submit your messages, photos, or graphics for Clare’s Birthday Project. Deadline to send stuff in is on May 9th.

• 017 x Behind the Scenes: Nashville Episode 103
• 030 x 2012 TCA Summer Press Tour
• 022 x 2012 Australians In Film Breakthrough Awards
• 001 x Promotional Images: Solo
• 001 x Entertainment WeeklyThanks to Victoria
• 008 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos

Photos/Video: 2013 Nashville Film Festival

Hey guys, I’ve got lots of visual goodies for ya. Clare attended the 2013 Nashville Film Festival yesterday where her Western The Burden and short film The Suspended were both shown. I’ve added photos from the event as well as a couple of red carpet interviews and also some missing photos from previous appearances. Lastly, I added a scan from Allure. Enjoy.

REMINDER: Please take a moment and check out our 2013 Birthday Project for Clare who’s birthday is next month. Come on fans!

• 020 x 2013 Nashville Film Festival
• 208 x 2013: 04/20 Nashville FIlm Fest Red Carpet Interview (Screencaps)
• 048 x 2013: 04/20 Nashville FIlm Fest Tennessean Interview (Screencaps)
• 005 x Live Performance: 04/19/13 – The Grand Ole Opry (Stills)
• 012 x 2013 Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center Gala
• 001 x 2013 Paleyfest
• 001 x Allure Magazine

“The Naked Truth” – A Video from the Allure Shoot

Check out a video of Clare and the girls on the shoot of Allure. Screencaps added below.

• 087 x 2013: Allure Magazine: Screencaps

“The Naked Truth” – Clare goes naked for Allure Magazine, tastefully!

Clare and a few other celebrities have bared it all on the upcoming issue of Allure which hits newstands on April 22nd. Clare’s photo is quite beautiful and elegant and she reminds me of a serene mermaid. Check out a preview below and a larger version of the photo here or by clicking on the image below. I will add scans when the actual magazine comes out.


The Nashville actress’s rule of thumb: “If nudity is for a shock factor, it takes away from what makes it beautiful.”

How often are you naked?
“Sometimes I sleep naked. Everyone does sometimes, don’t they? I hope.”

What makes you most excited about seeing these pictures?
“My body isn’t going to look like this forever. I think it’s lovely to have that preservation.”

What does this shoot mean to you?
“I said they could photograph my scars. This isn’t a rite-of-passage thing or a risqué thing. It’s about body image and making other people feel good.”

Source: Allure Magazine

Photos: Nashville Lifestyles Scans and much more!

Clare is on the new cover of Nashville Lifestyles. She looks absolutely glamorous. I’ve added scans as well as behind the scene photos, Nashville photos, and more. Enjoy!

Scarlett O’Connor is one of those characters on television that you can’t help but cheer on. The budding star on ABC’s Nashville is a poet-turned-songwriter with porcelain beauty and some serious pipes. On a show that features two larger-than-life female leads (played by Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere), Scarlett’s storyline of heartbreak and triumph is refreshing. And behind that likable everywoman is the quiet presence of 23-year-old actress Clare Bowen.

As she sits curled up on a weathered chair inside the Peter Nappi studio, it’s hard to tell where Clare Bowen the actress ends and Scarlett O’Connor begins. Long blonde ringlets, a second-hand dress. Even when she reveals a pronounced Australian accent, Scarlett’s drawl peeks through. “I got handed this script and I saw who wrote it and read the thing and just said, please can I just read for Scarlett? I don’t want to go in for anyone else, I loved it so much,” she recalls about her audition.

Both Bowen and her character share a love of storytelling and singing but there’s also the storyline. Scarlett is thrust into the spotlight almost by accident, thanks to a fellow musician. Bowen, meanwhile, attributes her current success to that same fate-driven momentum plus the guidance of several key people. And just like Scarlett, Bowen is on the fast track to breaking her own musical career. – Source: Nashville Lifestyles & Kristin Barlowe

• 006 x 2013: Nashville Lifestyles: Scans
• 017 x 2013: Nashville Lifestyles: Photoshoot
• 057 x 2013: Nashville Lifestyles: Screencaps
• 001 x Nashville 112: I’ve Been Down That Road Before – Stills
• 001 x Live Performance: 01/26/13 – The Station Inn (Stills)
• 001 x Spring Awakening – Stills
• 001 x Fan Photos: Stephen C.
• 001 x Live Performance: 01/12/13 – The Grand Ole Opry (Stills)LQ to HQ

Photos: Promos, Scans, Twitter, and More

I added a bunch of photos to the site for your viewing pleasure including new Nashville promos, stills, and more.

• 002 x Live Performance: 01/10/13 – Phuketts Open Mic Performance (Stills)
• 010 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos
• 001 x Examiner
• 001 x Elle – Thanks to Mette!
• 001 x Photo Session #15 – Thanks to Mette!
• 005 x Nashville 109: Becareful of the Stones that you Throw – Stills
• 004 x Nashville 110: I’m Sorry For You My Friend – Stills
• 002 x Nashville Promotional Images: Cast
• 002 x Nashville Promotional Images: Solo

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