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Assorted Photo Update

Hey guys 🙂 Not much to report on the Clare front at the moment. She’s enjoying her downtime from Nashville it would seem from her twitter posts. I added a few photos of Clare I was missing from the gallery and completely updated the Nashville: Episode Guide and Nashville: Lyrics Archive. Enjoy.

• 001 x Behind the Scenes: Nashville Episode 102
• 001 x Nashville Season One Wrap Event
• 001 x Nashville 120: A Picture from Life’s Other Side – Stills
• 001 x Nashville 118: Take These Chains From My Heart – Stills
• 001 x 2012 ABC Country Music Festival/Party
• 001 x 2013 – BlueBird Cafe (01/14)
• 001 x Fan Photos: Jamie M.

Moon is High Lyrics from Nashville Finale

I added lyrics from Clare’s newest song on Nashville Moon is High which she performed with the talented Jonathan Jackson (Avery Barkley). I added the lyrics for you here and you can buy the song on here. Enjoy!

I am working on screencaps next. 🙂

Nashville Episode 3 Lyrics

Alrighty, I added the lyrics to Fade To You and I Will Fall to our Nashville lyrics archive. Working on the caps now.

Fun Fact: Fade Into You is at #7 in the iTunes country charts less than 24 hours after airing!