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Photos: Clare Bowen UK Solo Tour (London)

Photos: Clare Bowen UK Solo Tour (London)

I’ve added some new(ish) photos of Clare from her UK solo tour. She looks so lovely and carefree. She looks like a girl who is living her dream. 🙂 Enjoy the photos.

I have so many photos and videos to sort through and add to the site so bare with me.

Photos: 2018 NextGen Summer Party

Photos: 2018 NextGen Summer Party

Clare and Brandon attended MPTF’s Annual NextGen Summer Party a few days ago. They both looked so lovely! Looks like they performed live at the event. I’ve added some photos to the gallery. Enjoy!

Photos: Nashville Season 6 Screencaps + Promos

Photos: Nashville Season 6 Screencaps + Promos

I’m sad to announce I have added screencaps to the missing episodes of Nashville season 6 to the gallery. It’s bittersweet to see the show ending. I’m excited to what the future brings for the cast, especially Clare, but I feel like we will all miss Scarlett. This show introduced me to new music, new artists, new actors, and made me a part of a fantastic and welcoming fan community. Thank you, Nashville.

Photos: Nashville Episode 6×10 & 6×12 HD Screencaps

I’ve added HD screencaps of Clare from episodes 10 and 12 of this season. She was not in episode 11. Sorry for the delay in adding these. The site has been undergoing some maintenance on the server.

Anyhow, how are you enjoying the final season of Nashville? I have mixed emotions of happiness and sadness about it.

Photos: Nashville Episode 6×09 HD Screencaps

I’ve added HD screencaps of this week’s episode of Nashville. What did you think of the episode? I’m glad to see our favorite show back. Enjoy the caps.

Photos: 2018 CMT Awards

Clare and Brandon as well as other Nashville cast members are in attendance tonight at the CMT Awards. She and Brandon look absolutely lovely. I’ve added photos to the gallery. Enjoy.

Photos: Germany Tour Photos

I’ve added new photos of Clare from her tour in Germany. She really glows on stage. She’s completely in her own element. Enjoy the photos.

Photos: Nashville HD Screencaps + Stills + Promos

I took some time and got the Nashville area of the gallery up to date. I’ve added missing HD screencaptures, stills, and promotional images from season 6 as well as additional promotional images from season 5! I am currently working on a new look on the site and more gallery additions in lieu of Clare’s birthday tomorrow, so check back!

Photos: Nashville Farewell UK Tour (Manchester + London)

I’ve added a handful of photos of Clare from the Nashville Farewell UK Tour from her live performances this week in Manchester and London. Enjoy!

Photos: Nashville Farewell Show at The Grand Ole Opry

Clare, Brandon, and a big chunk of our favorite show’s cast of Nashville were at the Grand Ole Opry last night for their one and only US farewell show. I have added some photos to the gallery. It makes me sad but also excited for the future of this great cast. Enjoy.

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