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Clare Bowen Web – (Early) 3 years Online Celebration!

So next month Clare Bowen Web will be online for 3 years. I was feeling very inspired and was way too eager to put the new designs up on the site and gallery to wait. I hope you guys like it. The new design is mobile friendly so you can visit the site and see it clearly and functional on the go. The photos are from Clare’s spread for The Free People Blog. Be sure to check out their blog and read their awesome article on Clare. This is probably my most favorite spread of Clare’s. The photographer really captured her free spirit.

With Nashville returning later this month, I will be busy updating the site’s Nashville page as well as the gallery prior to the premiere. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates and news from the site.

Poor Clare hurt herself this week while touring. We wish her a speedy recovery so she can bang away on her tambourine in full force. 🙂