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Press/Audio: Clare Bowen Talks Growing Up in Australia, Overcoming Childhood Cancer, Starring on “Nashville,” Finding Love, Creating New Album & More

Jim Casey talks with singer/songwriter/actress Clare Bowen and her husband, Brandon Robert Young, about:

releasing her self-titled debut album in the U.S. on July 12
releasing the album in Germany, U.K. and Australia over the last year
starring as Scarlett O’Connor on Nashville for six season
growing up in Australia
speaking with a Southern U.S. accent on Nashville
working and touring with Charles Esten
overcoming cancer as a four-year-old
drawing from childhood experiences for her new album
opening the album with new single, “Let It Rain”
featuring Buddy Miller on new song, “Tide Rolls In”
the tender new song, “All the Beds I’ve Made,” which Clare and Robert co-penned about each other
closing the album with the gut-wrenching ballad, “Warrior”
performing the album live
upcoming acting projects

Podcast Participants

Clare Bowen
Brandon Robert Young
Jim Casey, editor-in-chief of NCD


Audio / Press: Clare Bowen on the Dan & Dude show (podcast)

Photos/Videos/Audio: Australian Interviews – Roundup!

Clare did the press circuit last week in Australia while promoting her tour and videos have been scattered and surfacing. A lot are difficult to watch because they are region based meaning unless you live in that country you are unable to see them. I posted one video like this last week and have come across another and thought I would share! Check out new Australian interviews of our favorite Pixie!

2016: 05/27 Ten Eye Witness News Interview – Sydney, Australia | Watch Video (same as above)
2016: 05/27 Breakfast Show Interview – Sydney, Australia | Watch Video
2016: 05/27 Mamma Mia Podcast Interview – Sydney, Australia | Watch Video | Listen to Podcast

Audio: Interview & Live Performance – Clare Bowen and Brandon Robert Young with Clare Bowditch (Australia)

This was a great interview and the song was just lovely. Check it out!

Audio: The Cast Of Nashville Calls Drew!

What a fun morning to get a phone call from the cast of ABC’s hit show Nashville, and it’s not just a couple of the stars … Clare Bowen (Scarlett), Jonathan Jackson (Avery), Aubrey Peeples (Layla) and Chris Carmack (Will)!

Listen below as they chat with Drew about the upcoming Rosemont Theatre show on the 30th, their overseas tour, their musical challenges on the show, Will’s bad jokes and much more.

Audio Interview: Big Machine Label Group talks to Clare and Sam

• 12/02/12: Big Machine Label Group Clare & Sam discuss Scarlett/Gunnar’s future. Listen.

Clare – Well, see we don’t actually get told that much. I prefer not to know very much because otherwise I end up playing the end at the beginning and I don’t like doing that. But anything can happen. This place is pretty magical. So you’ll just have to tune in.

Sam – There’s a definite development, I think, in Scarlett and Gunnar’s relationship but it goes all sorts of directions. It’s not going to be the obvious choice that I think ends. Yeah, you see Gunnar going through some difficult times a little bit further down the line and you see different lights and shades in all the characters.