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Press: Jonathan Jackson (Avery) talks Scarlett

Nashville’s Jonathan Jackson: “I Don’t Know if Avery’s Going to Be Able to Redeem Himself”
Check out some snippets from the article concerning Scarlett.

“I thought that was a really great visual scene,” Jackson says of Avery looking through the window at a private party for which he wasn’t on the list. “Avery right now, he’s slowly coming to terms with what he’s given up and what he’s lost in order to advance himself, and that’s a very lonely realization. That’s what that moment was about, was just peering through the window and just remembering how much he loves Scarlett. And I really do think that he genuinely loved her in a very deep way. … He’s just kind of getting to that point where he’s looking around and reeling from this sense of, I’m advancing in my career and yet what I feel about my music is being compromised. I’ve lost the woman that I love. What is the point of all of this?”

And he doesn’t even know Scarlett and Gunnar slept together, which, “on some level would definitely crush him,” according to Jackson.

So which side is going to prevail? Jackson correctly points out that Avery has demonstrated “moments of unselfishness” in his relationship with Scarlett — namely, when he rejected his new manager’s initial advances and when he (grudgingly) supported Scarlett when she decided to record music. “Even in the midst of his own ego being bruised and having this horrible unwanted jealousy and envy towards the woman that he loves because she’s all of a sudden skyrocketing, getting all these opportunities that he’s been working so hard for over the last few years, still in that moment, he chose to be unselfish and said, ‘I want to be there for you,'” Jackson notes. “And that was part of the tragedy of their relationship, was that he really tried to do the right thing and it still imploded.”

What do you think? Will Avery turn things around and redeem himself? And is it too late for him to win Scarlett back?

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Article: New York Post – Honky-tonk Angel

Clare Bowen left Australia behind to sing on ‘Nashville’

When Cate Blanchett tells you to go to America to find your fortune, you pack your bags and go. Or in the case of Clare Bowen, the singer with the ethereal yet powerful voice on ABC’s “Nashville,” you sell your vintage dress collection to buy a plane ticket.

Now, Bowen, 23, is starring in her first TV series and is working on her first solo CD with T Bone Burnett, the Grammy-winning producer, “Nashville” musical supervisor and husband of its creator, Callie Khouri. How the petite, classically trained singer found her way to Tennessee to play waitress Scarlett O’Connor is a dramatic story that began in 2010, backstage at opening night of the rock musical “Spring Awakening,” an Australian production supervised by Blanchett. After Bowen moved to LA, it didn’t take long — she didn’t even have to make a Lifetime movie — for the Khouri’s “Nashville” script to land in her lap.

“I was two hours late for the casting because of the rain. I called and said, ‘I think I have to cancel. I don’t want to keep them waiting.’ And they said, ‘They’re waiting for you.’ So I went. I looked like a drowned rat. I was soaking wet. I sang and [the casting director] said, ‘I gotta get my camera.’ ”

Told to come back the next morning and sing a country song, Bowen met Khouri and her co-executive producer R.J. Cutler. “I guess it could have been intimidating but they were really nice,” she says. “So we sat there and talked for an hour and a half, making friends. And they said, ‘We need to see you tonight at a recording studio.’ I was actually going out on for a test on another project. I was about to sign the waiver that says you can’t go out on anything else if you go out for this test. I was at the desk with the pen in my hand when the phone rang and my manager said, ‘Don’t you sign anything. You have to go the studio right now go.’ The next morning they told me I had a job. And my whole life changed.”


Article: Vulture – Nashville’s Clare Bowen on Her Strange Voice and Cate Blanchett’s Career Advice

Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio’s cover of the Civil Wars’ “If I Didn’t Know Better” has kind of ruined things for the other women of Nasvhille. The sultry, lip-biting meditation on resisting those primal urges has yet to be topped by anything else on the series’ playlist, and Bowen’s Scarlett — whose delicate, haunting voice makes up for her being so gun-shy when it comes to Gunner — has emerged as the show’s real-deal performer. She is the one you believe could make it on country radio. Will they hook up? The 23-year-old actress won’t say — and, really, who cares as long as she keeps making that sweet, sweet music with him? Vulture spoke with Bowen, an Australia-native who says she learned her Southern accent by watching Fried Green Tomatoes, about the challenges of her unique voice and the very good advice Cate Blanchett gave her.

It feels like Scarlett’s in her own show. Do you ever even see Connie or Hayden?
Everybody is going to crash into each other. You got a taste of that at the Ryman when Rayna [Connie Britton] and Juliette [Hayden Panetierre] were performing “Wrong Song.” More of that is to be expected.

Scarlett was just watching from afar, though.
You gotta think back to the pilot, and I can’t say more than that.

Oh! I was wondering where that producer guy Watty White went! He got all excited about “If I Didn’t Know Better” and then just disappeared.
Yeah, you’re on the right track.

So you have spent some time with Connie then. How’s that going?
That scene in the pilot when Scarlett meets Rayna for the first time, that’s pretty much me when I met Connie. She was amazing in Friday Night Lights, and I’m just rewatching American Horror Story now because I loved it so much. She told me that’s when she adopted her son, Eyob. “Yeah, I did it when I was in murder house.”


Article: “Nashville Stars Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio Share Stories”

CMT: What do you remember about the first time you sang together?

Palladio: We were at the Hutton Hotel here in Nashville. We’d just met that morning for the first time. … Buddy Miller turned up, as he does. He’s obviously an incredible singer and producer. He took us up to one of the hotel rooms while sort of gritting his teeth. And we were doing the same because the audition process hadn’t involved singing together. They’d just thrown us in the deep end. Buddy started playing the riff of “If I Didn’t Know Better,” and Clare started singing and sounded incredible. I thought, “Oh, my God, I’ve got to up my game because she sounds great!”

Bowen: But then he started singing, and it sounded beautiful. We looked each other and started thinking, “OK, it’s working.” … A grin spread across Buddy’s face, and he said, “Well, that was all right.” (laughs)

Palladio: I hadn’t been used to harmony singing. I’d been doing bits of it in my group back home, but I hadn’t really sung a duet with a female voice before. So we were very lucky that somehow the timbres in our voices worked really well together.

What do you think of now when you hear the word “Nashville”?

Bowen: Home. (laughs) And a dream come true.

Palladio: Yeah, it’s now going to have a huge significance in my life, I think, when somebody mentions the town in the future. It’s where dreams are being made for songwriters and certainly [represents] a huge jump in my career.

Bowen: It’s changed our lives.

Palladio: Yeah, it has.

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USA Weekend: “Who’s Hot in Hollywood?”

Australian actress Clare Bowen, 23, landed the role of Scarlett O’Connor, a Mississippi Delta waitress turned singer/songwriter, on the ABC drama Nashville. The Southern accent she sports is advertently because of her dad, who brought home such movie fare as Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes. “For me, two things physically shape my characters: the way I move my mouth and the shoes I wear. Scarlett wears very old men’s Frye boots, which are kind of clunky and ground her.”

Source: USA Weekend

Article: ‘Nashville’s’ Clare Bowen: Scarlett Has Some Big Decisions to Make

The actress talks with THR about how her character will handle Avery’s selfish ways, potential romance with Gunnar and how all the story lines on the ABC country music drama will come together.
Rising star Scarlett (Clare Bowen) may be inching toward her breaking point on ABC’s country music drama Nashville.

After a her jealous boyfriend Avery (Jonathan Jackson) stole the spotlight during Scarlett and Gunnar’s (Sam Palladio) golden moment — ruining their chance with Lady Antebellum producers — the aspiring songwriter won’t take her wannabe crooner standing her way much longer on the freshman series.

“Scarlett is very hard to squash and there’s a strength that’s going to come out of her,” Bowen tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Considering Scarlett sacrificed her entire life for Avery — moving to a new town specifically to be with him as he fought his way amid the bustling country music dynamic of Nashville — it won’t be an easy decision for the young singer who has already eclipsed her partner to cut the cord.

“When you’re in love with someone, it’s really difficult to cut them loose; Scarlett has a few things ahead of her before she can do that,” she says. “But people grow apart and if someone isn’t going to grow with you, they need to go their own way and Scarlett is going to make that decision.”

But while the duo’s relationship may need to hit rock bottom first — perhaps Avery cheating on her will do the trick? — the idea of breaking it off with the sleazy wannabe is a scary thought.

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Nashville: Sam Palladio Talks Hitting The Charts & What’s Next For Gunnar & Scarlett

In the hours after “Nashville” made its debut on ABC last Wednesday night, “If I Didn’t Know Better,” the dreamy Bluebird Cafe duet between doe-eyed waitress Scarlett and earnest bar staff worker Gunnar, had already become a real life chart hit.

It’s something Sam Palladio, the English actor and musician, who plays the country hopeful on the drama, wasn’t actually expecting.

“I think it was probably two hours after the premiere that a friend of mine – we were just having a celebratory drink – and she goes, ‘You know you’re at No. 30 on the iTunes country music chart with that song?’” Sam told during a break from filming in the city. “[I said], ‘What are you talking about?’ I thought she was just joking.”

It was no joke at all. By Thursday morning, Sam’s duet with Australian actress and songbird Clare Bowen (Scarlett) leapt into the Top 20 on the all-genres iTunes chart and to No. 5 on the country chart — in both lists alongside cuts from another Bluebird Cafe discovery – Taylor Swift.

“It just hadn’t occurred to me — the power and the whole buzz that it suddenly created and of course, the byproduct of that was people downloading the track,” he said. “That just hadn’t come into my brain that [something like that] was gonna happen.”

Like the chart success, finding out he and co-star Clare (who Sam met for the first time not long after landing in Nashville to begin shooting the premiere) were a magical musical match was a surprise too.

“Our first meeting really was in the lobby of [a] hotel in Nashville right before we met [singer, songwriter and producer] Buddy Miller upstairs to sing through the song for the first time. Having never sung with Clare and [because the scene is] such an important thru-line for the piece – that was really daunting,” Sam explained. “It wasn’t until we sat in the room and Buddy sort of gritted his teeth – ‘cause it’s a tricky song — that we kind of both started singing and the harmonies crept in and [it was like], ‘Oh, wow, this is working. This is good!’ Something about the tone of our voices together just instantly worked, so we were both kind of looking at each other going, ‘Oh!’”

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