Music News: Clare’s Album Track List Released

Multiple online sources released this track list of her debut album. The track names seems to be:

01 Let It Rain
02 Doors & Corridors
03 Tide Rolls In
04 Aves’ song
05 All The Beds I’ve Made
06 Lullabye
07 Sweet William
08 Lijah & The Shadow
09 Little by Little
10 Grace of God & You
11 Warrior

I don’t want to ruin Clare’s album launch or anything so I won’t speculate or post on this any further until she does.

4 Comments on “Music News: Clare’s Album Track List Released”

    1. Thanks for commenting with this information! The video is blocked in the US and the album is not for sale on any of our online shops. I can’t wait for it to be released.

  1. The album entered the German album charts at number 54. The concert and stories behind each song are just amazing.

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