Press: Clare Bowen tells us the truth about the cancellation of Nashville

Cosmo spoke to Clare Bowen, aka Scarlett, on the eve of her Australian tour – and BIG NEWS Nashville fans – there could be a fifth season yet!

When we got news last week that the show had been cancelled after four seasons we were all the sad emojis. Cosmo was in mourning.

Until the lovely Clare Bowen gave us hope, y’all (except she doesn’t talk like that because she’s actually Australian – born and bred).

“It was a really big shock,” she tells us. “But you can’t take these things personally and I do know for a fact that Lions Gate [the show’s producer] is working their hind ends off to find us a new network home. They are doing everything in their power to find us a place, the show is so fantastic and it has such a wonderful, wide audience and appreciation that I have great faith. I have to have great faith.”

Especially since her on-screen persona Scarlett has grown into a pretty kick-arse, country-singing character. “It’s been so good seeing her stand-up for herself and I want her to keep doing that,” says Clare. “You’ve seen her go from this really timid person with no self-esteem to speak of, she really had a very low opinion of herself…into a girl who ditches the boyfriend who is so jealous he can’t think straight and she’s come such a long way. The greatest thing is she’s grown this self-respect and she doesn’t let herself get treated like dirt, she’s not a doormat. It’s wonderful to play a character who has stood in her own boots and fought for her own well-being when others have tried to take it from her.” PREACH!

“It’s not over, Scarlett is always going to be within me, she has always been a piece of my heart.”

Pass the tissues, please. #BringbackNashville.

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  1. Bring back Nashville!! I look forward to Wednesday nights and am so disappointed it is coming to an end:(
    Please don’t cancel!!!

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