Photos: Appearances, Photo Sessions, Magazine Scans, and more.

I’ve added over 100 photos of Clare to the gallery that were missing. I’ve also replaced many of the appearances photos that were of medium or low quality to high quality. There are some gorgeous photos, so I recommend you check them out. I will be working on redoing the live performance page in the gallery and adding all her recent performances. Once that is completed, aside from a couple small things, the gallery should be completely up to date. Phew! Once the gallery is up to date I will be revising the site’s content pages.

Here are some quick links (of the ones I recall) to the updated categories:
Appearances: Awards
Appearances: Events
Appearances: Parties
Appearances: Premieres & Festivals
Appearances: Candids
Appearances: Other
Photo Sessions / Photoshoots
Magazine Scans
Disney on Broadwayscreencaps to come
Official Site Photos

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