Video: Timothy James Bowen’s New Music Video — Check it out!

Clare’s brother, Timothy, has released a new music video! Show your support by checking it out. He really is super talented and worth checking out. I swear, talent runs in those Bowen genes! If you like his music, he has links to purchase it on YouTube.

2 Comments on “Video: Timothy James Bowen’s New Music Video — Check it out!”

  1. Clare im such a big fan of yours.. You are so beautiful and talented…I love listening to your voice….Whenever im having a bad day I listen to your songs n they help me so so so much…I love you on nashville…Scarlett is my favorite character…When u do release an album I will b waiting in line when they come to the store…Cant wait to hear more music from you!!!!You are so amazing love Kristy Miller!!! Your number 1 fan!!!!,

  2. Oh im sorry I forgot to say that your brother is so talented to….Im gonna start listening to his songs now also!!!! 🙂 I hope you two have long and wonderful success….I know you guys will…You are amazing!!! love Kristy Miller

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