Celebration/Photos: CBW turns 2 Today + Photos!

Two years ago today, Clare Bowen Web was launched online. I first became a fan of Clare, like many, from her role of Scarlett on Nashville. The more I read about her the more interesting I found her to be and the more I began to realize what a great role model she was for young girls (something I feel is very important in this day and age). Every week, like many, I am blown away by her talents and become more of a fan each week. I have never met Clare. I have no real affiliation with her. I made this fansite because I wanted a place to mingle and fangirl over Nashville and Clare. I have met so many fans through the site and it’s awesome.

I had planned to launch with a new design on the site but I have been really busy offline. Instead, I added some new photos to celebrate and will put up a new design soon.

Thank you so much to everyone who visits the site and to Clare for being so inspirational, talented, kind, and so loving to her fans.

2014 – Oct. Jonathan Jackson’s Album Release Party
Live Performance: 10/04/14 – Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festivalnew additions

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