Nashville Season 3 Spoilers

Check out some season 3 spoilers of Nashville. So fans who do not want to get spoiled, don’t worry. The spoilers are in a hidden field below 🙂

[EXPAND Click here to read spoilers]Coming off proposals from Luke and Deacon, Rayna’s got a tough decision to make as Season 3 begins. (Don’t worry: By the end of the premiere, we’ll find out whom, if anyone, she chooses.) On a possibly related note, showrunner Dee Johnson says that Luke’s new back-up singer Pam (Rescue Me’s Brette Taylor) and Deacon “circle each others’ orbits” despite the fact that “they’re very different people.” Meanwhile, Laura Benanti (Go On) comes to town as potential Highway 65 artist Sadie Stone “who is right in that sweet spot of on-the-rise and not-a-newbie-that-has-to-be-groomed,” and Derek Hough’s (DWTS) Noah West attracts attention when the Patsy Cline biopic in which he stars begins filming in Music City. The project is “something that everybody who is anybody is vying for a shot at,” Johnson says. Even Juliette? Because after her hook-up with Jeff and subsequent drama with Avery — and Hayden Panettiere’s confirmed pregnancy — it looks like the series may have a “who’s the daddy?” storyline in the works. “How could you not?” Johnson says, laughing. Speaking of unplanned parenthood, Gunnar’s ex (Spy Kids’ Alexa Vega) arrives in Nashville with a son that might be his… just as Zoey’s about to go on tour for the first time.

BONUS SPOILER | We’ll find out very quickly whether Gunnar’s serenade changed Scarlett’s plans to leave town. “I don’t think necessarily that his plea at the end of the finale was any kind of a magic fix,” Johnson teases.[/EXPAND]

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  1. Hi Clare,

    I love your character on the show, and you are such a talented singer! I’m so glad you are a part of Nashville. I’m looking forward to the new season!

    Sandy Stark

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