Press: Jonathan Jackson (Avery) talks Scarlett

Nashville’s Jonathan Jackson: “I Don’t Know if Avery’s Going to Be Able to Redeem Himself”
Check out some snippets from the article concerning Scarlett.

“I thought that was a really great visual scene,” Jackson says of Avery looking through the window at a private party for which he wasn’t on the list. “Avery right now, he’s slowly coming to terms with what he’s given up and what he’s lost in order to advance himself, and that’s a very lonely realization. That’s what that moment was about, was just peering through the window and just remembering how much he loves Scarlett. And I really do think that he genuinely loved her in a very deep way. … He’s just kind of getting to that point where he’s looking around and reeling from this sense of, I’m advancing in my career and yet what I feel about my music is being compromised. I’ve lost the woman that I love. What is the point of all of this?”

And he doesn’t even know Scarlett and Gunnar slept together, which, “on some level would definitely crush him,” according to Jackson.

So which side is going to prevail? Jackson correctly points out that Avery has demonstrated “moments of unselfishness” in his relationship with Scarlett — namely, when he rejected his new manager’s initial advances and when he (grudgingly) supported Scarlett when she decided to record music. “Even in the midst of his own ego being bruised and having this horrible unwanted jealousy and envy towards the woman that he loves because she’s all of a sudden skyrocketing, getting all these opportunities that he’s been working so hard for over the last few years, still in that moment, he chose to be unselfish and said, ‘I want to be there for you,'” Jackson notes. “And that was part of the tragedy of their relationship, was that he really tried to do the right thing and it still imploded.”

What do you think? Will Avery turn things around and redeem himself? And is it too late for him to win Scarlett back?

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