Article: “Nashville Stars Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio Share Stories”

CMT: What do you remember about the first time you sang together?

Palladio: We were at the Hutton Hotel here in Nashville. We’d just met that morning for the first time. … Buddy Miller turned up, as he does. He’s obviously an incredible singer and producer. He took us up to one of the hotel rooms while sort of gritting his teeth. And we were doing the same because the audition process hadn’t involved singing together. They’d just thrown us in the deep end. Buddy started playing the riff of “If I Didn’t Know Better,” and Clare started singing and sounded incredible. I thought, “Oh, my God, I’ve got to up my game because she sounds great!”

Bowen: But then he started singing, and it sounded beautiful. We looked each other and started thinking, “OK, it’s working.” … A grin spread across Buddy’s face, and he said, “Well, that was all right.” (laughs)

Palladio: I hadn’t been used to harmony singing. I’d been doing bits of it in my group back home, but I hadn’t really sung a duet with a female voice before. So we were very lucky that somehow the timbres in our voices worked really well together.

What do you think of now when you hear the word “Nashville”?

Bowen: Home. (laughs) And a dream come true.

Palladio: Yeah, it’s now going to have a huge significance in my life, I think, when somebody mentions the town in the future. It’s where dreams are being made for songwriters and certainly [represents] a huge jump in my career.

Bowen: It’s changed our lives.

Palladio: Yeah, it has.

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  1. Love love love your voice , you sound like an angel 🙂 Like the show alot , trying to stay off the soap box ….lol Avery was Lucky on my favorite soap , trying to give ’em up … NO have had too…Blessings to you , stay sweet and happy and keep putting out that music 🙂 I have recently noticed Casey James from american Idol , you should do a duet with him.Oh what a cute couple you two would make…nice to watch : he is only 30 if you Clare see this look up his song “love the way you miss me….Just saying 😉

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