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Article: Vulture – Nashville’s Clare Bowen on Her Strange Voice and Cate Blanchett’s Career Advice

Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio’s cover of the Civil Wars’ “If I Didn’t Know Better” has kind of ruined things for the other women of Nasvhille. The sultry, lip-biting meditation on resisting those primal urges has yet to be topped by anything else on the series’ playlist, and Bowen’s Scarlett — whose delicate, haunting voice makes up for her being so gun-shy when it comes to Gunner — has emerged as the show’s real-deal performer. She is the one you believe could make it on country radio. Will they hook up? The 23-year-old actress won’t say — and, really, who cares as long as she keeps making that sweet, sweet music with him? Vulture spoke with Bowen, an Australia-native who says she learned her Southern accent by watching Fried Green Tomatoes, about the challenges of her unique voice and the very good advice Cate Blanchett gave her.

It feels like Scarlett’s in her own show. Do you ever even see Connie or Hayden?
Everybody is going to crash into each other. You got a taste of that at the Ryman when Rayna [Connie Britton] and Juliette [Hayden Panetierre] were performing “Wrong Song.” More of that is to be expected.

Scarlett was just watching from afar, though.
You gotta think back to the pilot, and I can’t say more than that.

Oh! I was wondering where that producer guy Watty White went! He got all excited about “If I Didn’t Know Better” and then just disappeared.
Yeah, you’re on the right track.

So you have spent some time with Connie then. How’s that going?
That scene in the pilot when Scarlett meets Rayna for the first time, that’s pretty much me when I met Connie. She was amazing in Friday Night Lights, and I’m just rewatching American Horror Story now because I loved it so much. She told me that’s when she adopted her son, Eyob. “Yeah, I did it when I was in murder house.”


Photos: Nashville, Photoshoots, Candids, and more.

Hey guys. I’ve added a ton of new photos to the gallery including screencaps from this week’s Nashville. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

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Photos/Video: Clare on Good Morning America and more

Clare was on Good Morning America yesterday. Check out the video below as well as screencaps and other new photos. Enjoy. Also, the lyrics page featuring lyrics from Clare’s Nashville songs, is now up to date.

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Nashville Episode 9 Screencaps

How amazing was last night’s episode?! It was great and Clare’s version of Twist of Barbed Wire was epic. I don’t know about you but I had to buy it instantly. If you want to buy it on itunes you can buy it with that link. I added screencaps from this week’s episode.

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Hey guys, I’ve added a bunch of missing old and new photos to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Article: “Nashville Stars Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio Share Stories”

CMT: What do you remember about the first time you sang together?

Palladio: We were at the Hutton Hotel here in Nashville. We’d just met that morning for the first time. … Buddy Miller turned up, as he does. He’s obviously an incredible singer and producer. He took us up to one of the hotel rooms while sort of gritting his teeth. And we were doing the same because the audition process hadn’t involved singing together. They’d just thrown us in the deep end. Buddy started playing the riff of “If I Didn’t Know Better,” and Clare started singing and sounded incredible. I thought, “Oh, my God, I’ve got to up my game because she sounds great!”

Bowen: But then he started singing, and it sounded beautiful. We looked each other and started thinking, “OK, it’s working.” … A grin spread across Buddy’s face, and he said, “Well, that was all right.” (laughs)

Palladio: I hadn’t been used to harmony singing. I’d been doing bits of it in my group back home, but I hadn’t really sung a duet with a female voice before. So we were very lucky that somehow the timbres in our voices worked really well together.

What do you think of now when you hear the word “Nashville”?

Bowen: Home. (laughs) And a dream come true.

Palladio: Yeah, it’s now going to have a huge significance in my life, I think, when somebody mentions the town in the future. It’s where dreams are being made for songwriters and certainly [represents] a huge jump in my career.

Bowen: It’s changed our lives.

Palladio: Yeah, it has.

[ Read the entire article here ]


‘Nashville’ Stars Croon Through ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Changing Ground’

Country music scored some new primetime cache in October, when the ABC drama Nashville debuted to almost nine million viewers. The series follows the romantic lives, career struggles and rivalry between two drastically different singers: Rayna James (played by Connie Britton), the well-established but currently foundering “Queen of Country,” and Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), the young country-pop crossover star du jour. The soundtrack to the first season is set for release on December 11th and features performances by both actresses and other series regulars, as well as production by T Bone Burnett, Dann Huff and Michael Knox. A deluxe version of the soundtrack is also set for release at Target.

Now, you can hear four tracks from the extended release, including Britton’s twangy take on “Changing Ground” and an acoustic version of Panettiere’s saccharine ballad “Undermine.” Clare Bowen, who plays the songwriter Scarlett O’Connor, also delivers a particularly deft bluegrass rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” and Sam Palladio, who plays the aspiring musician Gunnar Scott, wails over arch guitar on “I’ll Be There.” You can listen to these songs here

Source: Rolling Stone

Audio Interview: Big Machine Label Group talks to Clare and Sam

• 12/02/12: Big Machine Label Group Clare & Sam discuss Scarlett/Gunnar’s future. Listen.

Clare – Well, see we don’t actually get told that much. I prefer not to know very much because otherwise I end up playing the end at the beginning and I don’t like doing that. But anything can happen. This place is pretty magical. So you’ll just have to tune in.

Sam – There’s a definite development, I think, in Scarlett and Gunnar’s relationship but it goes all sorts of directions. It’s not going to be the obvious choice that I think ends. Yeah, you see Gunnar going through some difficult times a little bit further down the line and you see different lights and shades in all the characters.