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Photos: Nashville Screencaps, Stills, and Behind the Scenes

I’ve added screencaps from last night’s episode of Nashville. What an episode! The moments between Scarlett and Beverly were just beautiful. I’ve also added stills and behind the scenes photos for episode 4 of this season (2 more weeks). Enjoy.

Nashville 402: Til the Pain Outwears the Shame – Screencaps
Nashville 404: The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here – Stills
Nashville 404: The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here – Behind the Scenes

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Photos: Appearances, Photo Sessions, Magazine Scans, and more.

I’ve added over 100 photos of Clare to the gallery that were missing. I’ve also replaced many of the appearances photos that were of medium or low quality to high quality. There are some gorgeous photos, so I recommend you check them out. I will be working on redoing the live performance page in the gallery and adding all her recent performances. Once that is completed, aside from a couple small things, the gallery should be completely up to date. Phew! Once the gallery is up to date I will be revising the site’s content pages.

Here are some quick links (of the ones I recall) to the updated categories:
Appearances: Awards
Appearances: Events
Appearances: Parties
Appearances: Premieres & Festivals
Appearances: Candids
Appearances: Other
Photo Sessions / Photoshoots
Magazine Scans
Disney on Broadwayscreencaps to come
Official Site Photos

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Photos: Nashville Stills & Behind the Scenes Photos

I’ve added Nashville episode stills from season 3 as well as added missing stills from seasons 1 and 2. I’ve also replaced some lower quality images with higher quality versions.

Nashville 309: Stills
Nashville 310: Stills
Nashville 311: Stills
Nashville 312: Stills
Nashville 321: Stills
Nashville 322: Stills
Nashville 217: Stills
Nashville 112: Stills
Nashville On The Record: Episode Special – Stills
Nashville Behind the Scenes: Nashville Episode 203
Nashville Unsorted Behind the Scenes Photos

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Photos: Nashville Screencaps – Complete!

I’ve uploaded screencaps from the missing episodes of Nashville. Check them out below.
I will be updating the site throughout the week so expect lots of updates.

Nashville 316: I Can’t Keep Away From You – Screencaps
Nashville 317: This Just Ain’t a Good Day for Leavin – Screencaps
Nashville 318: Nobody Knows But Me – Screencaps
Nashville 319: The Storm Has Just Begun – Screencaps
Nashville 320: Time Changes Things – Screencaps
Nashville 321: Is the Better Part Over – Screencaps
Nashville 322: Before You Go Make Sure You Know – Screencaps

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Photos: HQ Appearance Replacements

Much thanks to my fabulous friend Renee who has donated nearly 100 HQ photos of Clare. We already had all the photos but her donations are of larger, high quality. Definitely check them out.

CMA Christmas (Stills) – Live Performance
2014 CMA Awards
2014 Pedigree Adoption Suite
2014 A Phil Everly Tribute
2014 Jonathan Jackson’s Album Release Party
2014 Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival – Live Performance
2014 Music City Food Wine Festival
2014 Music City Food Wine Festival – Live Performance
2014 ACM Honors
2014 ACM Honors – Live Performance
2014 CMT Music Awards