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Photos: Skyville Live Nashville Concert

I’ve added screencaps of Clare from the Skyville Live Stream Nashville Concert Clare did last night with a big portion of the Nashville cast and other special guests. It was a great show. Clare performed a song called I’m Still Here that will be on her album for the first time. What a treat!

Live Performance: 07/13/16 – Skyville Live Nashville Concert (Screencaps)

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Press/Video/Photos: They’re Back! Skyville Hosts the Stars of Nashville

They’re Back! Skyville Hosts the Stars of Nashville

We’re livestreaming the concert tonight at 8/7C.

Rated Red’s Paxton Elrod sits down with the stars of Nashville—including Charles Esten, Clare Bowen and Chris Carmack—to talk about tonight’s special reunion at Skyville Live. “The Magic of Music City” should tide you over until the hit show’s fifth season debuts on CMT.


2016: 07/13 Rated Red Interview

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Photos: CMA Festival, Pandora Country, & Oz Tour Photos

I’ve added a bunch of missing photos to the gallery from Clare’s recent events and from her Australian tour last month. Enjoy!

2016 Pandora Country Event
Live Performance: 06/07/16 – Pandora Country Event (Stills)
Live Performance: 06/10/16 – CMA Festival Day 2 (Stills)
Live Performance: 05/28/16 – Clare Bowen Oz Tour: Sydney (Stills) – Thanks to Mouza
Live Performance: 05/26/16 – Clare Bowen Oz Tour: Sydney (Stills)
2016 – 06/07: Pandora Country Event – Clare Interviews Stars: Caps

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Photos/Videos/Audio: Australian Interviews – Roundup!

Clare did the press circuit last week in Australia while promoting her tour and videos have been scattered and surfacing. A lot are difficult to watch because they are region based meaning unless you live in that country you are unable to see them. I posted one video like this last week and have come across another and thought I would share! Check out new Australian interviews of our favorite Pixie!

2016: 05/27 Ten Eye Witness News Interview – Sydney, Australia | Watch Video (same as above)
2016: 05/27 Breakfast Show Interview – Sydney, Australia | Watch Video
2016: 05/27 Mamma Mia Podcast Interview – Sydney, Australia | Watch Video | Listen to Podcast

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Photos: Nashville Episode Screencaps & Stills – Round Up!

I apologize for the lack of updates. I had a death in the family and was out of town. I’ve been playing catchup on my sites. I’ve added Nashville screencaps and stills that were missing to the gallery and that makes our Nashville gallery complete.

I know that the news of Nashville‘s cancellation sucks.. big time, but I want to assure you guys that this site is not going anywhere. Nashville may have been how I first became a fan of Clare’s but now I’m truly a fan of her acting talent, her singing/writing talent, and just a fan of her as a person. So whether the show gets picked up by another network or not (fingers crossed that it does!) this fansite is not going anywhere and I will continue to support Clare in her future endeavors as a true fan. 🙂

Nashville 421: Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday – Behind the Scenes
Nashville 421: Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday – Stills
Nashville 419: After You’ve Gone – Screencaps
Nashville 418: The Trouble with the Truth – Screencaps
Nashville 417: Baby Come Home – Screencaps

This summer I will be updating the content on the site and adding new features and missing photos. Definitely bookmark us and check back and if you aren’t already follow us on Twitter and Facebook for news and photos at your fingertips.