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Nashville Episode 8 Screencaps and Live Performances

I added screencaps from last night’s Nashville and of her recent live performances.

• 413 x Nashville 108: Where He Leads Me – Screencaps
• 251 x Live Performance: 11/24/12 – 3rd and Lindsley Screencaps
• 278 x Live Performance: 11/17/12 – The Grand Ole Opry Screencaps

Video: Live Perfomances of Clare!

I came across this video of a performance Clare had with Will Hoge at a local place. The two videos below are from the same perfomance but different angles. Enjoy.

Nashville Episode 7 Screencaps

I added screencaps from last night’s episode of Nashville. What a wonderful episode it was!

• 451 x Nashville 107 – Screencaps

Photos/Video: 2012 Young Hollywood Interview & More

Clare did an interview with Young Hollywood this past week. She chats about her role as Scarlett in the hit ABC drama “Nashville”! She discusses trading in her Australian accent for a Southern twang, names her biggest country music inspirations, and she tells her experience co-starring (and sometimes dueting) with Sam Palladio and Hayden Panettiere! I added a few random photos to the gallery as well

• 310 x 2012: 11/20 Young Hollywood Interview
• 004 x 2012 – 11/16: The Grand Opryadditions
• 002 x 2012 BMI Awardsadditions
• 001 x 2012 Australians In Film Breakthrough Awardsadditions
• 001 x Nashville 107: Lovesick Blues Stillslarger versions
• 005 x Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Photos

USA Weekend: “Who’s Hot in Hollywood?”

Australian actress Clare Bowen, 23, landed the role of Scarlett O’Connor, a Mississippi Delta waitress turned singer/songwriter, on the ABC drama Nashville. The Southern accent she sports is advertently because of her dad, who brought home such movie fare as Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes. “For me, two things physically shape my characters: the way I move my mouth and the shoes I wear. Scarlett wears very old men’s Frye boots, which are kind of clunky and ground her.”

Source: USA Weekend

More Grand Opry Photos!

I added 9 more photos of Clare and Sam (who plays Gunnar) performing at the Grand Opry! Enjoy.

• 009 x 2012 – 11/16: The Grand Opry

Big Gallery Update

I added a bunch of missing photos to the gallery as well as replacing MQ photos with HQ photos. I’ll give a quick break down.

• 001 x Photo Session #01
• 003 x Photo Session #05
• 001 x Photo Session #07
• 001 x Photo Session #14
• 001 x TV Guide Magazine – Thanks to Victoria!
• 013 x 2012 Australians In Film Breakthrough Awards
• 009 x 2012 TCA Summer Press Tour Day 7
• 001 x Nashville Series Premiere (Nashville, TN)
• 001 x 2012 – Unknown Appearance #1
• 001 x 2012 – Unknown Appearance #2
• 004 x 2012 – 11/16: The Grand Opry
• 003 x 2012 BMI Awards
• 002 x The Clinic: Stills
• 001 x Behind the Scenes: 11/07/12
• 001 x Behind the Scenes: 03/25/12

Nashville Episode 7 Stillls

I added a few stills from next week’s Nashville “Lovesick Blues” which airs 11/28/12 and updated the episode guide with information about episode 8.

• 004 Nashville 107: Lovesick Blues – Stills

Video/Photos: 2012 Thunder 106 Radio Interview

I added a new video interview of Clare to the video archive from Thunder 106 Radio who interviewed Clare about Nashville and life. You can watch the video below. Enjoy.

Go to 1:00 in the video for the interview

• 107 x 2012: 11/16 Thunder 106 Radio Interview Screencaps

‘Nashville’ star Clare Bowen on country music, perfecting her drawl, and that pesky love triangle

You wouldn’t know it from watching the show, but Nashville star Clare Bowen’s drawl is pure practice. The Australia native, who plays waitress-slash-reluctant-singer/songwriter Scarlett O’Connor on the show, tells EW that her father used to bring home movies like Song of the South and Fried Green Tomatoes when she was growing up, and she had a good ear for the country sound. “It’s always been my favorite accent,” she says.

Bowen also talks about Scarlett’s ongoing drama in her relationships with writing partner Gunner (U.K. native Sam Palladio) and her boyfriend on the show, Avery (Jonathan Jackson). But clearly, the drama stays on TV: It was also just announced that Bowen will join Palladrino for a Grand Ole Opry concert at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium this weekend.

Find out more about the impending love triangle on Nashville, and more on Bowen’s singing background in the video here!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

• 235 x 11/14/12 – Entertainment Weekly Interview

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